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If you’re looking for, and is going to be better at Oklahoma City Surveying and anybody else here in the state, get to us here at AAB Engineering. We were started by Alan Betchel back in 2011 because utilize his experience and so injuring in development industry to start a new company. As Gavin now has more than 17 years of experience in the industry, nine years ago he want to start a company that he calls only can provide a better result, and a better experience than what was experiencing at the time. It is oh, third better and he can provide a, and he has created AAB Engineering which is now the highest and most reviewed engineering company in the state of Oklahoma. Nobody else can can be with a high quality results we provide, the affordability, and the great incentives and the customer service that we are dedicated to. We have been providing this since we started back in 2011, and we’ve been successful in realizing Allen’s stream of make sure that we provided better engineering services with a higher degree of accuracy and precision when it comes to the surveys and making sure that we produce financial viable success story for any the developers Oklahoma the Congress.

As a company has been around since 2011 providing Oklahoma City Surveying services, we have seen just about every facet of site development and engineering and surveying projects. We do both commercial and residential work and whenever comes to serving services and specific terms, working to build help you with boundary service, alta/nsps surveys, graphic surveys and everything else involved including the construction staking. The reason on greatest company is because you want to make sure the credit company that can help you in every aspect provide you with higher quality results to make sure that your development was a huge success.

And you want to make sure that he provided reliable engineering services as well not just Oklahoma City Surveying. And now we can build help you with a wide range of commercial and residential sectors land planning. Found himself a spinnaker working with municipalities and developers to achieve their goals including several multimillion dollar projects and as a company here injuring company, we have developed for companies like target, Quiktrip and Dollar General, and we can help you too. We help you with project feasibility and budgeting and especially meniscal infrastructure. We can help you physically with detention design and floodplain modeling and a number of other aspects make sure that you have a very successful venture and a development that is going to help people for decades to come.

And we also want to make sure we provide you with a better affordability and better value. And that’s what we also offer you free consultations. Now whenever you come to injuring can be, you can build your free consultation for your project either commercially or residential. Just let us know what you’ve got going on, and we can give you a proper quote, and a great timeline and all for any kind of hidden fees, estimate fees or any other type of fees attached. It’s completely free.

So whenever you’re ready to get started, the don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at injuring company for the best Oklahoma one that was started by guiding want to make sure you bring a better Internet company Oklahoma to contact us directly at 918-279-6855. Also the website whatever you like to find more information anytime at

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Whenever you’re looking for Oklahoma City Surveying, you want to make sure you’re getting the best available in the state, and whenever you with the best Oklahoma when it comes to any kind of survey or engineering services, the, talk to us here at AAB Engineering. Is because here in the company we are asked the highest and most reviewed engineering company in the state of Oklahoma. You can see this in our portfolio as we of serve company like target, Quiktrip Dollar General Sherwin-Williams and we have the best reviews of anybody else and we’ve also been providing the services since 2011 and seen every type of site development and development project out there. We provide you better results in almost every way when it comes to any other engineering answering committee out there, so whenever you have any kind of serving, so engineering or development services that you need, or get to us first because we’re going to your destination for anybody with a commercial or a residential site.

When it comes to what we do here injuring company, you and make sure that utilize our Oklahoma City Surveying instead of anybody else is because as has been proven by experience and by the reviews, we provide you with high quality accurate and precise measurements with which to further produce a successful development with. The surveys are crucial part of the development process, and they’re often the first step. You make sure that you get somebody who doesn’t do them accurately, efficiently and with high quality percent. Whenever you need boundary surveys, alta/nsps surveys, graphic surveys are in the survey out there, you contact us as somebody who seen it all done at all, and it can also provide you with reliable construction staking as well.

We also have it all the competition whenever comes to not just Oklahoma City Surveying but also when it comes in engineering portion as well. Nobody can provide you with more comprehensive engineering services. We are available for both commercial and residential design. Whenever you need land planning, make sure you get to us because of two things like project feasibility and budgeting. We are owned and operated and founded by God has been an entire crew working with minutes Mounties and developers to achieve goals. We can help you minutes one infrastructure, tension design and floodplain modeling, and we can do so to make sure that you turn into a financial viable reality. Is because to consider cells not just a surveyor or in your better partner in your project.

If your project your development fails, that we also see that as a failure because we are the ones that are laying the foundation for everything else that is the common house on to work together in concert provide successful results. Whenever he wants by the takes seriously, get you great results, and is there to provide you with the highest professionalism, customer service and results in reach out to us here at AAB Engineering a company that stands tall about the competition because we have a higher dedication quality results than anybody else.

Nobody else can compete with results that we have gotten, and the kind of portfolio and experience level that we provide, and the reviews that we contribute. So to schedule a free consultation hesitate to reach out to us anytime a call is strictly 918-279-6855 or going to the website to learn more and reach out to the website as well which is available anytime at