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Detention Design and Floodplain Modeling

Cities and states are developing a more stringent floodplain and runoff criteria which requires a specialized understanding to navigate these requirements. With over 20 years of experience in hydraulic and hydrologic engineering our staff has expertise necessary to navigate these problems and lead you to a successful resolution. Whether it’s a simple detention facility design or a floodplain model for a regional detention facility we can accomplish the project. The reality is most site development projects will require that peak runoff rates be detained to predeveloped conditions. A detention facility is the mechanism normally used to accomplish this goal. AAB has developed an elaborate internal process that allows us to deliver an efficient detention facility design in a fraction of the time that it takes most of our competitors. This translates to costs savings for our clients in both construction and design. The staff at AAB has been responsible for the design of hundreds of detention facilities in six different states which gives us an ability to recommend out of the box solutions that will save time and money during construction.