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If you are in the process of closing on a property where a title commitment/title insurance is required you should know a ALTA/NSPS survey will likely be required as well. This survey is conducted in accordance with the ALTA/NSPS surveying standards and meets the requirements of the title company necessary to remove the exception regarding a valid survey. These survey’s are very similar to boundary surveys but include plotting of the disclosed exceptions within the title commitment and a determination of the effects (or lack thereof) on the property you are purchasing. All onsite improvements are also located which will display potential issues associated with fence, building, or roadway encroachments. A survey of this caliber should always be the first step in a land transaction or development project. AAB employees the latest technologies to deliver these surveys quickly and for a competitive cost. Our team of surveyors and technicians have developed an extensive background in interpreting and plotting the effects of easements on a property. This translates to the highest quality product at an affordable price.