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What makes AAB different?

AAB Engineering is not your typical engineering and surveying firm. We pride ourselves on providing the absolute best surveying and engineering services but that is not the way we measure the success of a project. If we complete the very best designed set of plans or perform the perfect survey but it does not allow our client to have a successful project then we failed. We pride ourselves on not just being a civil engineer or surveyor but being a partner in your project that constantly works to develop your vision into a financially viable reality.


About Alan:

AAB Engineering is led by Alan Betchan which he and his wife Amber started in 2011. Alan has more than 17 years of experience in civil engineering and development. Alan has spent his career working with municipalities and developers to reach their project goals. This includes multimillion dollar street rehabilitation projects, individual site designs for small business owners and project management and design for programmatic clients spanning 4 states and constructing more than 30 sites a year. The diversity of project experience has allowed Alan to learn multiple site development, entitlement, and banking methods that he can leverage to help you make your project a success.

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Meet the founder of AAB Engineering, Alan Betchan.

Our Projects

AAB has experience in nearly every facet of site development and nearly all types of projects. Whether you’re an architect looking for a local civil engineer to integrate into your current design team, a developer looking for land planning and engineering services, a business owner with questions about building or parking expansion, or a contractor looking for responsive construction staking, we can meet your needs. Our staff has the background diversity necessary to accommodate your project. Whether it’s, commercial, residential, or industrial, greenfield or infill, we know how to make your project a success. We are among the best Tulsa engineering companies and we are here to help you with your project.


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