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If you’re out there in the Oklahoma landscape trying to find Tulsa surveying companies, and you’re trying to settle on the best choice when it comes to surveying and Engineering in the state, you definitely want to come to see us here at AAB Engineering. Here at AAB Engineering, we are Oklahoma’s most trusted and most reviewed and highest reviewed civil engineering company. We are here ready to provide you with the top-tier engineering and design services that Oklahoma can offer. our company has been trusted by companies such as Target, QuikTrip, Dollar General, and Sherwin-Williams for their surveying design how many of their projects and properties. As a company that has been in operation for almost a decade, we’ve seen every facet of engineering and design projects and all types of site development and we are here readily equipped with the knowledge, the capabilities, and the attitude to make sure you get a perfect project site developed as well.

Here at AAB Engineering you no longer have to find Tulsa surveying companies because we’ve got you covered when it comes to surveying Services. We can do boundary surveys he’s coming in SPS surveys, topographic surveys, and construction staking. We are also going to provide you with the premier Civil Engineering Services in Tulsa and Oklahoma City including you’re basic commercial and residential site design, and we can also help you with land planning, project feasibility, and budgeting, Municipal infrastructure and detention design as well.

So when you need to find Tulsa surveying companies give us a look and get in contact because not only are we the most trusted and highest reviewed but you can feel good about the fact that we were founded and led by a guy that has more than 17 years of experience in civil engineering and development services. Spending most of his career working with municipalities and developers, we can help you achieve your project goals as well. We’ve done several multimillion-dollar projects and no project is too big or too small, and we have the experience to do everything that you need to do when it comes to developing your next big project.

Furthermore when it comes to customer service, value, and providing our clients and customers with incentives, our favorite thing when it comes to a real no-brainer is the fact that we can offer you a free consultation. This is not limited to a specific type of client, or how many times you can do it, but we can provide free consultations every time to any potential clients they would like to know what we can do for them.

If you would like to employ the skills, the technology to come and knowledge and experience that AAB Engineering can bring to the table then all you have to do is get in touch with us at 918-514-4283 or you can go to the website to reach out to us and also check out a lot more information about us at and be sure to also check out the customer testimonials and the photo galleries as well.

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if you are trying to find Tulsa surveying companies that are worthy of your next project, then get in touch with us here at AAB Engineering. Do you want highly qualified and experienced professionals to provide you with your next surveying project or site development? AAB Engineering began right here in Oklahoma and we operate exclusively in the state most generally in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Metro areas. Based out of Sand Springs, Oklahoma, part of the greater Tulsa Community we are here to provide commercial and residential Civil Engineering Services. We were founded almost a decade ago by Alan Betchan, who has several years of experience in the civil engineering field working on multimillion-dollar projects, and his wife.

So in your quest to find Tulsa surveying companies have a look at us and see what we can do. When it comes to surveying Services we can do boundary surveys, NPS surveys, topographic surveys, and construction staking. We can also help you with your commercial and residential site design Phoenix project including land planning, project feasibility and budgeting, Municipal infrastructures, and even detention design.

So if you’re trying to find Tulsa surveying companies that do it better than anybody else, then come to Allen’s company here at AAB Engineering. Alan himself has more than 17 years of experience in civil engineering in development and has spent his whole career working with municipalities and project developers to achieve their goals including several multimillion-dollar projects. This is included straight Rehabilitation projects, individual side designs for small business owners and project management, and designed for programmatic clients spanning for States and constructing more than 30 sights a year.

The diversity of projects and experiences has allowed us to learn multiple site development, entitlement, and banking methods to make sure that we make your project a success. We consider ourselves not just a surveyor or civil engineering company but also your partner in your project the constantly Works to develop your vision into a financially viable reality. We do both commercial and residential services and we can even schedule a free consultation for you and anytime. We seek to always increase our value in our customer service and we want to make sure that you feel comfortable coming to us and we can provide you the consultation process for No Charge whatsoever at AAB Engineering.

If you’re interested in what we can accomplish for you as a company, and you feel like our background and experience and the fact that we’ve been trusted by companies like Target and QuikTrip are the kind of benchmarks that you are looking for in a civil engineering company then make sure you reach out to us as soon as possible by calling is a 918-514-4283 or you can always go to our website anytime we can find photo galleries, customer testimonials and a lot more information about who we are and what we can do at