Land Planning

Our planning department specializes in urban revitalization and redevelopment, as well as residential, municipal and commercial planning and design.

Commercial Site Design

We regularly provide site planning and site development plans for restaurants, convenience stores, shopping centers, other types of commercial businesses.

Residential Site Design

Residential subdivisions complete to include engineering construction plans for all phases of the site, including grading, storm sewer, sanitary sewer and waterline.



Providing new streets and upgrading roadways and their related infrastructure are one of every urban area’s challenges. We understand the public and private issues to the design of these systems and maintain public trust in our design. We meet the needs of our city roadway systems through local public involvement. Utility systems are an unseen but vital lifeline to the functioning transportation networks. We provide cost effective project-specific design for underground utility systems, including storm water drainage, water supply and sanitary sewer. Our solutions balance needs with the effective design, maintainable utility networks.